To maintain a pleasing appearance and obtain maximum carpet life through the removal of dirt and soil.

Supplies and Equipment

ETC's Tiger® Carpet Bonnet
175 rpm floor machine
Mop bucket with wringer
Carpet cleaning solution
Trigger sprayer and/or
Pressure sprayer
Putty knife
Hazard signs
Carpet Groomer
Carpet Mop


1. Prepare the area:
a. Place hazard signs in easy-to-see locations at entrances to the area being cleaned.
b. Move furniture. Work around heavy furniture and equipment that cannot be moved.
c. Vacuum area to be cleaned.
d. Remove gum and other foreign material.
e. Bring equipment to the area.

2. Prepare the cleaning solution according to the manufacturers instructions.
3. Spray the solution onto 100 sq.ft. of area with a trigger sprayer or pressure sprayer.
4. Let stand 5-10 minutes to allow the solution to loosen the dirt.
5. Soak the ETC Tiger® Carpet Bonnets(two) in the mop bucket with water. Wring out one to use while the other continues to soak.
6. Place the bonnet under the floor machine and center it. Floor machines move to the right when you pull up on the handle and move left when you push down.
7. Begin cleaning by outlining the perimeter and then run the machine in overlapping strokes. When completed, you should soak the first bonnet (step 5) and repeat cleaning the area with the 2nd bonnet in and opposite criss-cross direction, overlapping the strokes as before.
8. Return the bonnet to soak while you repeat step 3 and follow through, alternating bonnets until the job is complete.
9. As an option the carpet can be brushed with a carpet groomer.


By following this procedure the carpet will be clean and free of soil and heavy dirt deposits.

· For a light cleaning, follow the steps outlined above and make these changes: 4. Let the solution soak for 2 to 3 minutes to loosen the dirt. 7. Begin cleaning by running the machine in overlapping strokes and feather the edges at the perimeter of your area to be cleaned. Follow up by using a carpet mop to clean the area next to the baseboard.

· Your ETC Tiger® Carpet Bonnet is also an excellent means for cleaning your walk off mats: 1. Begin by shaking large soil from the mat and follow up with a good vacuuming in both directions. 2. Spray with carpet cleaning solution and buff with your ETC Tiger® Carpet Bonnet in overlapping strokes. This will clean and maintain your walk off mats so they can reduce the amount of soil brought into your traffic area.

5 Components to a well maintained, clean carpet

1. Use & care of walk off mats.
2. Regularly scheduled vacuuming.
3. Spot cleaning & gum removal.
4. Traffic area cleaning.
5. Renovation (Heavy cleaning of entire carpet area)

1. Care for floor pads, mops & buckets

2. Wet mop floors

3. Strip floors

4. Seal floors

5. Finish floors

6. Scrub floors

7. Spray Buff Floors

8. Buff or Polish floors

10. Sandscreen floors