To improve the attractiveness of the floor's surface by increasing the gloss.

Supplies and Equipment

Supplies and equipment used for dust mopping and damp mopping
"Floor Hazard" signs
Floor machine
Use any of these floor machine pads: ETC s Gorilla®, Gorilla Lite®, Jaguar®, AquaPlus® or Superspeed Rubberized® Pad, ETC's Tan Buffing Pad, ETC's White Polishing Pad


1. Prepare the area for buffing:
a. place "Floor Hazard" signs in easy-to-see locations near the entrances into the area being buffed.
b. move supplies and equipment into area.
c. dust mop area to be buffed.
d. damp mop area if necessary.
2. Using the floor machine with a buffing pad, buff the floor area by:
a. starting along the baseboards at the farthest corner from the entrance into the room.
b. moving backward toward the entrance about 10' at a time, buff the room using a side to side motion overlapping the strokes.
Note: When buffing a hallway, buff 12' along base board at a time on each side of the hallway, then buff the area between those baseboards.
Use a side to side motion in the buffing operation.
3. After buffing the entire floor area, use a clean, treated dust mop to pick up dust left from the buffing operation.
4. Clean the equipment. Store supplies and equipment.


After following this floor buffing procedure, the floor's appearance will be cleaner and glossier.

1. Care for floor pads, mops & buckets

2. Wet mop floors

3. Strip floors

4. Seal floors

5. Finish floors

6. Scrub floors

7. Spray Buff Floors

9. Clean Carpet using a carpet bonnet

10. Sandscreen floors