To maintain the floor's appearance and cleanliness without having to wet scrub or wet strip. Spray buffing picks up dead finish and dirt, replacing it with a spray buff solution. It also levels and fills scratches and reduces the need for stripping.

Supplies and Equipment

Treated dust mop
Putty knife
Supplies/equipment for damp mopping and dust mopping
Disinfectant (if required)
Liquid or aerosol spray buff (also spray bottle if using liquid form)
Spray buffing pads (Use any ETC buffing pads which give the desired appearance: Gorilla®, Gorilla Lite® or Jaguar®, AquaPlus® or Superspeed Rubberized® for the "wet look".
Floor machine
"Floor Hazard" signs


1. Prepare area for spray buffing:

a. Place "Floor Hazard" signs at easy-to-see locations near the entrances into the area being spray buffed.

b. Use a treated dust mop to remove dust and loose soil.

c. Use a putty knife to remove gum.

d. Depending on condition of the floor, damp mop if necessary.

e. If required, disinfect by following disinfectant label's instructions.

f. Attach buffing pad to the floor machine.

2. Inspect the room or area to be spray buffed to determine where attention is needed.

3. Starting at the farthest corner from the entrance, spray a 2' by 3' area in front of the machine with diluted finish or aerosol finish and buff immediately. Buff until glossy and not tacky.

4. Repeat same spray buffing operation for 2' by 3' areas until entire floor has the desired appearance.

5. When finished, remove the "Floor Hazard" signs.

6. Clean the buffing pads by one of the following methods:
a. If using ETC's Gorilla® Pad, allow to air dry, then brush it clean with a nylon brush or with the center die cut piece from the pad. It is not necessary to wash the Gorilla Pads

b. If using a synthetic pad, soak it with stripper solution until softened, then rinse out with cool water.

7. Clean and store the equipment and supplies.


By using this spray buffing procedure, the floor's attractive appearance can be maintained for longer periods without having to strip the floor and reapply the finish.

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